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Structure of the Group

Thames Valley Housing Group consists of Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA), a non-charitable parent, which currently owns all of the shared ownership stock and the small portfolio of market rent stock; and Thames Valley Charitable Housing Association, a charitable subsidiary which owns the general needs rented stock and the NHS staff accommodation. The Group's stock is dispersed over 40 local authorities in West London and the South-East of England and operates out of offices based in Twickenham. The parent, Thames Valley Housing Association employs all of the 230 staff, who also carry out services for Thames Valley Charitable Housing Association.


Since the Group finished its first building project in 1968, the number of properties owned and managed has steadily increased. The Group has sustained an active and successful development programme and now manages over 11,000 homes in West London and the Thames Valley basin.

The Group has been in the forefront of low cost home ownership initiatives, providing the first step in the housing ladder to over 4,500 households.

In the next year we will complete 700 new homes in London , Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Thames Valley Housing has successfully developed an NHS staff and university accommodation management business and manages the stock of 5 NHS Trusts and one university.

In 2006 TVHA celebrated 40 years of providing homes and services in the area that it covers. In the fast-changing climate of social housing TVHA is committed to developing and changing to remain in the forefront of innovation and good practice. TVHA is both IIP and Chartermark accredited and adopts a value driven approach to service development and delivery. This embeds REACH values into all daily work activities of the TVHA – Respect and dignity for all, Enabling change, Accountability, Customer focused, Honesty

Thames Valley Housing Association consists of four Directorates:

  1. Chief Executive's Office, led by Geeta Nanda , Chief Executive, which carries out the function of the Chief Executive, Corporate Services (Marketing and PR, HR, training and Facilities), policy formulation and performance monitoring and Company Secretarial services.
  2. Development, led by Mark Allnutt , which incorporates New Business and Sales and Marketing
  3. Finance & IT, led by Jack Stephen , Finance Director & Deputy Chief Executive.
  4. Housing & Neighbourhood Services, led by John Baldwin, which incorporates Property & Asset Management, Resident Involvement and Leasehold Management.

1. Chief Executive's Office

Corporate Services and Company Secretarial services are carried out within the Chief Executive's office.

The Head of Corporate Services leads all PR and marketing, human resources, training and facilities management activities.

  • PR & Marketing carry out an ongoing programme of openings and other functions, as well as producing regular editions of “Partners”, annual reports and resident's newsletters and also maintain and develop the TVHA website.
  • The Association provides training opportunities to all staff including management training and National Vocational Qualifications. 22% of staff undertook training during the past year. Staff turnover is running at 16% and the sickness absence rate is <3%.

2. Development

As a preferred partner of the Homes and Communities Agency, Thames Valley Housing is currently in the process of constructing over 2,500 new affordable homes to be completed over the next 2 years. In the next five years Thames Valley Housing is to increase its development activity by delivering approximately 700 new affordable homes per annum.

Thames Valley Housing continues to deliver a variety of new affordable homes across the London , South East & South West regions by working in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency, Local Authorities & developers.

The New Business team's main scope of work is within the NHS market. Over the last 10 years TVH has transferred and built over 1,000 NHS units; and has a further 1,000 in the pipeline.

Marketing consists of 3 teams - New Build Sales, Homebuy and After Sales, which sell the properties developed by Thames Valley Housing. The department aims to develop new strategy and partnership working including piloting the new Home Information Packs and Choice Based Lettings for shared ownership homes. We have carried out over 1,000 transactions in the past year, including first tranche sales, equity loan transactions, re-sales, loan redemptions and staircasing and are recognised as one of the leading Affordable Home Ownership teams in London and the South East.

3. Finance & IT Directorate

At the end of March 2008 the Group had £296 million of debt, a figure which is planned to significantly increase in the coming year. The Group borrows at both fixed and variable interest rates with some 84% of the debt currently on a fixed rate basis. Most borrowing is by way of long term bilateral loans although finance from bond issues in the London Stock Market totals approximately £20 million.

The IT Department is responsible for the support and implementation of software, hardware and communication systems for approximately 200 users. During the past six years the Group has made significant investment in new technology and systems.

4. Housing & Neighbourhood Services

Housing services are focused around a responsive customer service centre and we provide an on the phone or in your home service by appointments, and staff backed up with the latest technology to enhance delivery.

The Directorate is divided into 3 sections.

The Assistant Director of Housing Services oversees the Customer Service Centre, Neighbourhoods Team, Revenues Team, Leasehold Team and New Homes Team.

  • The Customer Service Centre provides the first point of contact over the telephone for all our resident services. Call traffic averages at 1.800 calls per week with an abandonment rate of <1%. About 40% of calls relate to management of properties and 60% are maintenance enquires.
  • The Neighbourhoods Team provides proactive management of estate and tenancy related matters including anti-social behaviour, delivery of environmental improvements, identification of areas requiring local intervention to address community well being and effective working with local authorities, the police and other agencies.
  • The Revenues Team collects and recovers monies owed to TVHA including rent and service charge arrears and sundry debts; promotes payment options and debt prevention.
  • The Leasehold Management Team manages the home ownership properties once they have been occupied, alongside a small portfolio of full and sub market rent schemes.
  • The New Homes Team ensures the timely allocation of newly built at re-letting of current properties, achieving a turnaround time of <3 weeks.

The Assistant Director of Property and Asset Management and their team is responsible for maintaining all of TVHA's stock, including student and NHS accommodation in addition to both rented and where the home owner has a lease or tenancy obligation.

  • Cyclical redecoration where stock is re-decorated externally every 5 years.
  • Planned refurbishment which includes upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, replacement of boilers and central heating systems, insulation and window and door renewals.
  • Responsive or jobbing repairs to properties as and when they are reported.
  • Aids and adaptations to our stock to suit customers' needs.
  • Estates cleaning and gardening in partnership with our contractors,.

The Resident Services and Communities Manager acts as a trigger for service reviews following feedback from residents, stakeholders and staff. She leads the Resident Involvement Team.

  • The Resident Involvement Team co-ordinates the various resident involvement and consultation activities which take place throughout the Association's dispersed stock. The Association has three Resident Board Members.
  • This department is also responsible for delivering a range of community based activities and projects with a small grants scheme and a wider role in sustaining communities.

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